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Niccolò Tommasini
InnoEnergy launches €100,000 electricity storage innovation competition | Solar Power Portal    Good! 
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Anna Kazaeva
We all know that battery storage is today’s hot topic. Battery storage is the next big disruptive technology and is going to play a significant role in the already transforming energy sector. It supports secure and efficient renewables integration, enables decarbonisation of the energy system and can revolutionise the power and transportation… (Show more)
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Jacopo Sala
In this paper produced by the Webber Energy Group from Austin University, it is said that energy storage for domestic use is actually increasing the production of CO2 due to higher consumption. This seems to follow few other researches in social sciences where people believe to be allowed to balance their consumption out taking polluting actions… (Show more)
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Jonathan Gräßer
Three Weeks ago I came across news about the ominous European battery Alliance in  my LinkedIn feed shared by Maroš Šefčovič, the European vice president for the energy union:  Speech by Vice-President for Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič   In the speech was also Innoenergy CEO Diego Pavía mentioned as a speaker at the panel.   From a press release… (Show more)
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Fayaz Ahmed
Click to view contentIf you were to make a battery for yourself which materials you would choose for electrodes and electrolyte, And Please explain why ?Attached Picture would help you with the selection of materials!  
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Dimitra Maleka
Click to view contentDear all, We would like to invite you in the testing phase of our digital course ''Energy storage: the battery revolution'', that is currently under development. We are interested to receive your feedback as we value your opinion! Please follow the instructions below:  Access the following link Create an account on iSE… (Show more)
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