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Hello everyone I don't know whether this is the right place for such a request (feel free to intervene lukas), but I'll move to Uppsala in Sweden on the 17th of August and I'm looking forward to send a luggage full of winter clothes there. As I'm going back to Italy for one month it doesn't make sense to me to carry it around Europe, and that's… (Show more)
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Hi! I'm currently in the process of looking for accommodation in Stockholm in preparation for starting EMINE. Could any current/previous students recommend the best places to look (or even better, put me in touch with someone!) for a place to live?   My budget is around 4500SEK, and I'm happy to stay in shared accommodation with other people. … (Show more)
in CommUnity-Sweden
Dear CommUnity members!   We're currently designing a new InnoEnergy Website and we need your help.   The designers have requested a focus group to give feedback on the progress. We're looking for 2 students and 2 graduates.   - Online focus group - The focus group will take place in the beginning of July  - It's scheduled to take 1-2… (Show more)
From the 20th to the 23rd of April, the CommUnity in Stockholm organised an amazing 3-day trip to Gotland, a little island located in south-east Sweden. The Region of Gotland is undertaking new actions and creating new polices to become a more sustainable island for the future. Indeed, the island has set the goal to have a 100% climate-neutral…
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Hello Stockholm!   The InnoEnergy Afterwork will give all CommUnity members (InnoEnergy & Start-up employees, Students, etc) an opportunity to discuss their projects and interests in a fun and casual environment.   We are looking for volunteers interested in discussing their affiliation to InnoEnergy for a few minutes to help get conversations…
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