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Call for projects: digital solutions for citizen consultation

Blog Post created by Olga Savchuk Partner on 07-Nov-2018

ENGIE Green, the leader in onshore wind and photovoltaic power in France, is looking for innovative companies that provide digital solutions for increasing citizen participation during the consultative processes implemented by Renewable Energy project developers.

ENGIE Green’s main objectives for this call for projects are:

  • to test and develop innovative and participative digital consultation solutions that reach the maximum number of citizens and stakeholders in the region
  • to inform these actors about projects in development in an attractive and even playful way
  • to collect their contributions in an efficient and collaborative way
  • to activate the network of stakeholders and facilitate consensus.

The proposed solution may also: 

  • Include a digital application (web and mobile) that creates a dynamic link between citizens, local stakeholders and the renewable energy project developer.
  • Provide a tool for intelligently managing consultation data collected from citizens
  • Provide digital and non-digital interfaces for actions that can be carried out physically at the local level, such as innovative tools for coordinating consultation meetings.
  • Use pedagogical technologies such as virtual visits or 3D immersion interfaces.

This solution will be aimed at renewable energy project developers, territorial actors and citizens. It will be easily usable and applicable to projects of various sizes and nature.

Deadline for submitting responses: December 14th, 2018

Call for projects: digital solutions for citizen consultation | ENGIE Innovation