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Seeding Impact goes MAD to Uganda

Blog Post created by Marc Navarro Partner on 20-May-2018

In a globalized world as the one we live in today, and with countless opportunities available, getting involved as a student into projects that have a positive impact should not be challenging. It is the perfect time in life to learn and get to experience the possibility of putting into practice the knowledge acquired, creating a positive impact.

However, it has been found that such initiatives are not that easy to join, and moreover, it is something students are really interested in.

Opening speech by MAD

Opening speech by MAD


With this, it was clear that to satisfy the students demand of opportunities in the area it was necessary to create a bridge that CONNECTS both students and not only international  development projects, but also international opportunities.

It has been with the purpose of solving this lack of opportunities that Seeding Impact was created. Since October 2017 the team has been active by working on different aspects, such as:


  • Team organization: Since the very first presentation of the start-up in Budapest, after pitching it, some members joined the team, that had to be structured by tasks and functions.


  • Tasks distribution: Every member of the team was given specific tasks, such as contacting potential partners, creating a logo, a business plan/model or doing some research in the NGO area.


  • Event organization: Once the first challenge had been selected, the organization of the first event offered by Seeding Impact became a priority. The aim has been to propose the selected challenge to students, so by forming teams they could come up with different ideas to solve it.


It was with this aim that the event “Seeding Impact goes MAD to Uganda” took place. Seeding Impact, together with the partner MAD (Make A Difference) brought a challenge presented by a local Ugandian entrepreneur, which students could take part of:


  • Samuel Malinga, a MAD Entrepreneur, is willing to unlock the key challenges he is facing to be able to scale the access to Clean Water and Sanitation in Uganda, and wants Seeding Impact to create the right proposals for this to happen.


The event took place on the Sunday 8th April, from 11:00h to 20.00h. Firstly,  the presentation of Seeding Impact, MAD, and the challenge in which the teams would have to work later on took place, as well as an inspirational talk by one of the MAD members attending the event. This ended up being very useful to get an idea about the context behind the event, the purpose of it.

After the lunch break, every team started with the co-creation session, working on the development of the proposed challenge and getting feedback from Samuel himself through the two MAD attendees. The impression he got from the asked questions was very positive and also pointed out that he gained new insights from it.


One of the participants during the proposal pitch


During the last phase of the event, every team had to pitch their ideas to the jury within a time limit of two minutes. Then, a winner team was selected and given the price of a workshop made by Entrepreneurs Without Borders, one of the many Seeding Impact partners. With this workshop, the team will learn more about the working dynamics to be followed in an international development project.


Having done this event means that Seeding Impact is not only starting to create value for itself as a business/start-up, but also for its partners. The attendees representing MAD were really satisfied with the outcomes brought by the teams and actually showed a lot of flexibility regarding the trip to Uganda, to increase its impact.


This is only the first step for Seeding Impact to open the area of international development projects for students and professionals, contributing to create better solutions and spreading the importance of social entrepreneurship.


Group picture after finishing the event