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E2I Talks: Success Twice in a Row

Blog Post created by CommUnity Post Partner on 18-Apr-2018

On the 5th April 2018, CommUnity Lisbon organised yet another edition of the E2I Talks, giving continuation to the success of the first event of this type in Lisbon, which took place back in December. This time, with “Sustainable Energy Solutions - The City” being the focus of the conversation, the CommUnity Lisbon welcomed three speakers who were eager to share their knowledge and experience as entrepreneurs.


The panelists answer questions form the audience during the Lisbon CommUnity's Second E2I Talks (All Photos: Rafael Martins).


The first speaker was Pedro Ruão, founder and CEO of Omniflow, who started by challenging the audience with a pertinent question - Does great technology survive?. His company created a product called OmniLED, which is an autonomous smart energy platform powered by an omni-directional wind turbine and high efficiency solar cells for advanced applications in IoT for urban or remote locations. Before Omniflow, many other companies had attempted to enter the market with vertical wind turbines and, despite that the technology’s performance was proven and the marketing strategies spot on, they failed. Omniflow found the perfect mix between renewable energy, energy storage and final application and changed its business model several times in order to remain relevant. So, in truth, technology alone is not enough and the ability to adapt and change accordingly to the market is a must in order to succeed.

The following speaker was the co-founder of the startup Pavnext. Francisco Duarte introduced himself by sharing a story which lead the audience back to his own childhood. He was involved in a car crash which remained with him throughout his life. This incident triggered his interest in pursuing a PhD and becoming an entrepreneur to tackle the problem he once faced as a child. Pavnext is a technological pavements company whose solution consists of road pavement equipment that allows to absorb kinetic energy from vehicles and, consequently, reduce their motion speed without any action of the driver and without directly impacting the vehicle, thus promoting road safety at locations where it is required to circulate at low speed. Pavnext has been an award-winning company in several occasions and, currently, it is a Climate-KIC venture.

Francisco Duarte of Pavnext presents to an intently listening crowd.

The final speaker was Ricardo Bernardo, R&D Coordinator at Adene. Adene is the National Energy Agency in Portugal whose mission is to carry out public activities related to energy, efficient water management and efficient mobility. The main question Ricardo had for the audience was “How should buildings look like in the future?” To surprise of no one, buildings in Portugal tend to be quite below the acceptable thermal comfort levels during winter periods. With set goals of building high energy efficient and zero waste buildings and tackling energy poverty, Portugal can become a pioneer in the sector due to its mild climate and high solar radiation So, in  the end, the question should not be how buildings look like but “How should buildings feel like?”

The question and answer session shed light on to the many solutions being developed for cities.

“I enjoy being part of these events because it allows me to broadcast the message of the CommUnity not only in terms of sustainability, but also for the true feeling of empowerment you get during and after the events”, said Laura Broleri, the CommUnity Lisbon Manager, “Once you master an event like an E2I Talks, you realise how important it is to connect with the right speakers, like the great ones we had, and to be able to engage with the many people who come to our events to learn, network and create value through the events themselves”. Rudolph Santarromana shared the same opinion, “All of the speakers were very approachable”, he said, “and I think that the crowd posed some really good questions for each of the companies to consider. In this way, I saw the event as a great way to share knowledge, experience and ideas. I'm really glad I was able to join this discussion!”

Because three makes it perfect, the E2I Talks will comeback to Lisbon already in June for a third edition. Stay tuned for more information! Follow the E2I Talks page to be sure not to miss out on any future events!


By Rafael Bartolomeu Martins

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