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Call for Pictures! Now Calling for Yearbook Group Photos!

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The 2nd edition of the InnoEnergy CommUnity Yearbook is well underway and this year we are making a public call for photos for the programme group photo pages! You can find a digital version of the 2017 Yearbook HereWe are looking for high-quality photos from each of the seven InnoEnergy Master’s programmes fulfilling the following characteristics:


  • At least 5-6 students in the photo (less is also acceptable)
  • Seminar and InnoEnergy-related event photos are best but will accept social photos as well
  • NO alcohol in the photos (as well as nothing inappropriate in the photos)
  • If possible, one photo of the entire programme/intake (e.g. all of SENSE 2016 intake)


More professional photos are desired (taken with a real camera and not smartphone) but all photos are welcome, and will go through a filtration stage to make sure the quality is high enough.


When uploading a photo, please clearly indicate the InnoEnergy Master’s programme(s) as well as intake (2016 or 2017) and a brief description of where the photo was taken/what it represents. Please also include the photographer of the photo if is other than the submitter. When submitting photos, please tag it with "yearbook" at the bottom of the submission page. For any questions please contact Rachel Sadok, Leon Haupt, Brendan Abadie, or Rudolph Santarromana


Thank you all for your collaboration and we look forward to delivering an awesome yearbook again this year!


The CommUnity Post wants to highlight the work of photographers in the CommUnity by giving you the chance to showcase your work in our next magazine! We know there are aspiring photographers out there, and we want to continue showcasing original work by CommUnity members in every magazine we produce, so this is your chance. Along with the photo contest, we are accepting submissions of all kinds to be considered for publication in the magazine. You have complete artistic freedom, and we accept and consider all submissions. The types of images we have been open to in the past include, but are not limited to:


  • Images of Nature
  • Images dealing with energy (of all types)
  • Images dealing with sustainable energy
  • Images with CommUnity Members, students, entrepreneurs, young professionals, etc.
  • Images at CommUnity events, or at related events
  • Original graphics that deal with any of the above topics
  • Other images and graphics that illustrated any related topics!


To submit an image or images for consideration, we ask that the image is original, or that you have permission from the owner of the image to share it with us. When submitting the image, we ask that you share a very short caption of the image that describes what the image shows, and why you chose to submit it (what is the story it tells?). See examples of submissions here, and click here to submit your own. Give the image a title if you wish, and be sure to name who the photographer of the image is.


Feel free to share multiple images with us for consideration (via google photos, google drive folder, or other image sharing software). For sharing folders, contact Rafael Martins, Brendan Abadie, Leon Haupt, or Rudolph Santarromana to provide further instructions on this, and of course, feel free to email or write to the CommUnity Post via direct message on the platform.


Happy Photo-Taking!




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