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Lisbon CommUnity Kickoff

Blog Post created by CommUnity Post Partner on 14-Dec-2017

CommUnity Kickoff is a unique event which brings with it an exceptional platform of welcoming newcomers, second-year students, and alumni but also inviting the office bearers of InnoEnergy to actively interact with the students and encourage their role in the CommUnity. The Lisbon CommUnity hosted a similar event on 20th October, in which all spheres of InnoEnergy education participated for an inspirational and cheerful evening.

The event kicked off with a presentation by the InnoEnergy Portugal Country Manager, Andreia Fernandes, in which she highlighted the different programs, the working domain of InnoEnergy and the initiatives which InnoEnergy is currently working on. Andreia also explained the working environment and activities for encouraging startups and the processes through which startups can receive funding from InnoEnergy. She then briefly described projects InnoEnergy’s office in Lisbon is engaged with, and the opportunities for prospective second-year students looking for their thesis.  

Next up was Rita Paleta, who herself was a PhD student of the InnoEnergy PhD school. She spoke about Digital Education by InnoEnergy, the online course portal offered by InnoEnergy which helps students and professionals to develop their theoretical knowledge, therefore, providing support to continual learning and conducive environment.

To offer more insight about InnoEnergy PhD School for prospective students and alumni, Diana Vitorino, Office Assistant at InnoEnergy Portugal, delivered a short but comprehensive presentation about this topic and answered various questions in this regard.

This interactive session was proceeded further by Laura Broleri, Lisbon CommUnity Manager who shared her experience of  the previous year with the CommUnity in Barcelona. She described how the CommUnity’s activities and initiatives can especially be useful for new entrants. They can become an  active part of CommUnity,  by joining different sections of CommUnity Platform and attending the events that the CommUnity organizes for students. She also introduced the newly selected team of Lisbon CommUnity Representatives.

Finally, Rudolph Santarromana spoke about The CommUnity Post and The CommUnity Post Magazine. The latter is in fact the first paper-printed product of the CommUnity Post. Rudolph underlined how the magazine represents a huge milestone for all the contributors who voluntarily worked for it.

The last activity of the evening was a team building and  fun oriented game for the audience: Kahoot! The participants were divided into groups of four people and 15 comical and witty questions were asked which they had to answer in 20 seconds. This was a great way to officially conclude this mesmerizing evening with many positive vibes and a fresh start for the new members of the Lisbon CommUnity! 


By Zaid Bin Farooq

The CommUnity Post


The event in pictures: All photos by Felix Schimek

Some CommUnity Representatives

Before the event begins, CommUnity Members receive the inaugural Magazine 

Lisbon CommUnity Manager, Laura Broleri, starts the event

Country Manager, Andreia Fernandes, presents to the attendants

Attendees of the event look on

Excitedly handing out the CommUnity Post Magazine

A Kahoot! quiz game for a small prize before some food and drinks



CommUnity Post Review team: Laura Broleri, Irena Dukovska, Tara Trafton