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CommUnity Stockholm Summit & EIT Digital-InnoEnergy CoLab

Blog Post created by CommUnity Post Partner on 27-Nov-2017

The Stockholm CommUnity recently held two events in order to launch the 2017/2018 annual local summit. The first event, the CommUnity Stockholm Summit, focused on allowing members of the InnoEnergy CommUnity, new and old, to get to know each other and understand the essence of the CommUnity. The second event set out to bring two EIT’s KICs (Knowledge and Innovation Communities) together; EIT Digital and InnoEnergy. Both of these events help foster the relationships and maintain the motivation needed to make an impact in the energy transition.


CommUnity Stockholm Summit

Over 160 CommUnity members, including Master’s students, industry professionals and InnoEnergy staff came together on the 9th October for the inaugural CommUnity Summit Stockholm. Lukas Keller, Valentina Herrera and other Stockholm representatives had worked tirelessly to bring together an ambitiously jam-packed agenda.


A fascinating keynote was presented by Bo Nomark, the Smart Grid & Storage InnoEnergy thematic leader in Stockholm, who delved into the dynamics of innovation. He provided some inspirational motivation by depicting two photos of New York just 13 years apart; the staggering difference between them was that all but one of the horse and carriages in the first image had been replaced by cars in the second – in a timespan of just 13 years! Similarly, he shared his earlier career experience – being part of the Swedish energy transition that saw a greater than 70% primary energy dependence on oil, more than being halved in a timespan of 20 years. Bo therefore alluded that yes, our challenge is enormous, and yes, the scale and speed of necessary change is daunting, but it is far from impossible; with drastic change happening at a staggeringly rapid pace in the past.


5th Avenue, 1900. The only car is circled in red.


5th Avenue, 1913 (merely 13 years later). The only remaining horse-drawn carriage is circled in red.


The change in shares of energy sources throughout history.


Following InnoEnergy and CommUnity introductions by InnoEnergy Sweden CEO Kenneth Johansson and Lukas Keller, the guests were treated with another incredibly high level speaker in the form of Northvolt's Anton Ekeström. It was utterly impressive to see such a young man with an incredibly humble presence on stage, who had studied at KTH a short time before, and was now playing a central role in one of the most groundbreaking startups in Europe. Anton went on to explain how, Northvolt is building a European version of Tesla’s Gigafactory… but better. They have committed to producing the world’s greenest batteries – by having zero carbon footprint. The key to Northvolt’s success, he explained, was their incredible vertical integration – where they will have in-house operations along the entire value chain right up to the mining of the raw materials.


Afterwards, many of the attending first years students were given a taste of their first business case challenges in a micro setting where six companies -  Vattenfall, Phoenix Biopower, SolAngel, WindMind, GraphMaTech and Cascade Drives - presented the teams with challenges. Once again, everyone involved was blown away by the realisation of how such impressive and tangible ideas can be formulated in such as small timespan. Lukas led the attendees to reflect when he stated: “you were able to impress industry professionals from massive companies such as Vattenfall in just 30 minutes, imagine what you’re capable if you were to develop these ideas over weeks and months.” I personally am pleasantly reminded, following these sorts of exercises, of how wonderful it is to be surrounded by people who are also here for the core reason of having an impact in changing the world for the better. Their passionate, fresh and fundamentally hopeful attitudes are wonderfully highlighted when presented with real life business challenges.


Following a brief closing co-creation session, Kenneth provided the closing address with a challenge to the CommUnity to do bigger, better, more tangible and more measurable actions in the year ahead.


A fundamental call to action throughout the entire event was for CommUnity members to show initiative and personal drive, proposing and taking ownership of any project they are passionate about. There were some overwhelmingly inspirational examples of students who owned some incredible projects last year, like Enric Perarnau Ollé and his team for The Gotland Adventure, and I am confident the pool of talented people here in Stockholm this year will do the same!


P.S. If your interests may not reside necessarily in project/event management, please be aware that there are endless opportunities to become an active representative, so do not hesitate to contact Lukas, myself or any of the Stockholm reps to become involved. For instance, YOUR NAME could be at the bottom of this article next time - as the CommUnity Post is actively looking for a Stockholm correspondent who writes a little better than myself!


Jacob Dalton - The CommUnity Post


InnoEnergy - EIT Digital CoLab:

Later in the same week - the inaugural CoLab between two EIT KIC’s was held. Both InnoEnergy and EIT Digital can be found in Stockholm. However, the two groups never necessarily interact with each other, even though they share the same entrepreneurial mindset. Moreover, digital solutions which are already out there could be applied to solve energy challenges. For these reasons the first EIT CoLab: 'Digital Solutions for Energy Challenges' was organised.


Around 45 students participated in the first CoLab hosted at the office of KTH Innovation, which plays a central part at KTH in the commercialization of new ideas. During the event, insights in trends in both the digital and energy field were given by interesting speakers. For example, Alexandre Askmo of Exeger showed the potential of indoor dye-synthesized solar cells, Tobias Goodden of Fortum showed the possibilities of applying blockchain technology in microgrids and the EV sector and MSc EIT Digital student Tobias Lindener spoke about the Internet of Things. The evening ended with a brainstorming session where the participants had to brainstorm on digital solutions for energy challenges.


The EIT CoLab will be a three-weekly organized event. It will be the place where CommUnity members can share their ideas and learn about trends in the energy and digital sector in an informal setting. The CoLab will be the place where like-entrepreneurial-minded members are connected!


Lara Depla

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Events in Pictures:


Stockholm Community Manager Lukas Keller

CommUnity members take some input from the speakers

Bo Normak uses the transition of horse & cart to the motor car as inspiration for the required speed of the energy transition

InnoEnergy Sweden CEO Kenneth Johansson

Vattenfall were one of the companies present to provide challenges for the co-creation session

CommUnity members ponder over company challenges

Anton Ekeström describing his fascinating journey to and with Northvolt

CommUnity and EIT Digital participants at the CoLab



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