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Call For Articles!

Blog Post created by CommUnity Post Partner on 01-Nov-2017

If you have written or would like to write articles on energy, policy, sustainability, or are interested in representing your local community for the CommUnity Post, you can be a writer for the CommUnity Post!


The CommUnity Post empowers CommUnity members to share ideas and highlight their achievements. Our daily experiences can be a valuable lesson for one another, regardless of where we are.


We connect the geographic spread of the CommUnity members by gathering different perspectives and insights by the writers motivated to share their thoughts. We provide a thorough and collaborative peer-review process to develop the highest-quality articles preserving the author’s voice. Thus, we encourage writers at any level to work with the CommUnity Post.


Samples of Articles

Converted from course projects:

Sustainability Supplement: The California Energy Crisis of 2000-2001- Could it happen in Sweden?

Sustainability Supplement: Donald Trump's Influence on a Sustainable Future


Based on an event:

CommUnity Meets the European Commission

TED Talk Discussion by Paris CommUnity



Through the Eyes of: António Pereira

Through the Eyes of: Guilio D'Ambrosio and Elias de Keyser


Multi-part series:

Sunny Days are Full of Energy - Part 1

InnoEnergy Start-up Heat Power - Part 1



For the Sake of Days Yet to Come - Part 1 - Goal

Mentoring Programme: First Insight from a Mentee


Collaboration with the Master’s School:

An InnoEnergy Student's Guide to: Stockholm

An InnoEnergy Student's Guide to: Barcelona

An InnoEnergy Student's Guide to: Lisbon


There are other ways to work with the Post!

We are always looking for photographers and designers to work on our many projects, and reviewers to help facilitate our review process as well. Feel free to reach out to the CommUnity Post on our platform page, at or directly contact Tara Trafton or Rudolph Santarromana if you are interested!


Information for interested writers - How the general process works: