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CommUnity Representative Summit - Stockholm 2017

Blog Post created by CommUnity Post Partner on 16-Oct-2017

Some of the many CommUnity Representatives who attended the Summit in Stockholm. Photo Credit: Leon Haupt


The day was September 22nd, 2017. Old and new faces showed up with smiles from cheek to cheek, greeting each other with a warm welcome. The energy felt that day in Stockholm was like no other. After all, we were together with our peers and friends, the ones with whom we share the same values and passion. Being a CommUnity Representative is an exciting journey as we feed our curiosity and make our projects happen. Some actually compare CommUnity members to entrepreneurs and after this year's Representative Summit, that statement might be closer to the truth than one would initially think.


As the CommUnity becomes stronger and picks up a faster pace, many opportunities are on the horizon. Besides growing in numbers - from organising the first volunteer driven local event in 2015 to over 60 events and 100 representatives spread all over Europe in 2017 - it also accomplished its first tangible value asset in the form of the CommUnity Post Magazine. Furthermore, it has produced successful stories such as the Gotland Adventure. With these achievements to celebrate, it was time to look at ourselves, analyse new possibilities and improve good practices. During three days, over 60 Representatives tried to come up with answers to questions such as: How can we involve more InnoEnergy Alumni in our activities? How can we reach out to professionals outside the engineering and business bubble? What are our next steps to improve the quality of our events?


To help us in our journey, we counted with the presence of InnoEnergy’s CEO Diego Pavia who not only aligned us with InnoEnergy’s vision and mission but also left us with the challenge of going beyond. In addition, Tiago Mendes brought the Open Space Studio to Stockholm - a carefully designed activity to help participants have a deep understanding of the present and define an action plan for the future - and Niklas Eklund (Masters of Strategic Leadership toward Sustainability) volunteered in giving a Team Building workshop.


Diego Pavia, CEO of InnoEnergy provides a strategic vision. Photo Credit: Krishna Reddy


Since successful teams are also built on friendships and trust, there was time to visit the lovely Swedish capital during social activities. Being actively part of the CommUnity, either as an Event or Local Manager, Writer or Photographer, will certainly give you the experience to thrive in any environment. You learn and improve, you idealise and create, you outgrow yourself. Contact any of the CommUnity Leaders in your location, or of the team you are interested in becoming an active part of to learn more!


Rafael Martins - The CommUnity Post


Selected Photos from the Summit (Photo credits: Leon Haupt and Krishna Reddy


Intently listening to the topic at hand


A few entrepreneurs, professionals, and Ph.Ds who are CommUnity Representatives


The CommUnity Post Team having a focused breakout session during the Summit


Providing input during one of the presentations


An interactive session to be creative


A Stockholm city tour to break up the work being done during the weekend