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An InnoEnergy Student's Guide to: Krakow

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Welcome to the beautiful city of Krakow! Located in the south of Poland and swarming with young people because of the numerous universities in the city, among which is AGH Krakow. And oh, but its more than just the beautiful faces you see around, the city has a rich culture and have played a big role in European history from the middle ages up to the 21st century. You’ll have time exploring all of this during your stay here!


Generally, Krakow has so much to offer, as you’ll find out later but first there are some things you need to know.


When you get to Krakow the first thing you should do is download jakdojade onto your mobile phone. Both Android and iPhone. It shows the city transport system and directions to get from one place to another.


The best option is to get monthly student bus pass that is really cheap (47zl = €10) and you can travel anywhere in the city. You can also buy the 1 semester (5 months) pass for ~180 zł = €40, and thus save €10 for something else!

 KrakowKrakow Main Square

 Great places to hang out and socialize

  • Barnia luka, very popular for its cheap beer at 1 euro per beer. 
  • Pijalnia wódki i piwa. Quite popular for the cheap beers, location in the Main Square 
  • Klub Spolem is also a town favourite 
  • For really nice cocktails and beverage mix, you might want to try the Beer House 
  • If you’re a party animal or just like to clubbing on weekends. Cubano is the place for you, with really great music and lively atmosphere 
  • Sometimes you just want to have a beer and listen to live music. The Harris Jazz Club is your best bet. You can even book a table for you and your friends in advance 
  • CK Browar: Nice pub to have a beer and chill with friends. 
  • Tap house: One of the best draft beers of town. Good place to hang out. 
  • Wezze krafta: Excellent place to have a draft beer, specially in summer time. 
  • Stefa Dolnych Młynów: Old abandoned factory that has been refurbished as a new district with restaurants, pubs, clubs, etc. It is very near AGH so it is a recommended place to go. 
  • FORUM Przestrzenie: Excellent place located in front of Wisla river, excellent to get a beer, have something to eat or chill out and listen to good music. Good events take place during summer. 


Tips for eating

Wawel CastleWawel Castle

  • Food in Kazimierz is just simply awesome. One is the popular street food zapiekanka, with a variety to choose from. Try out the spicy ones; Zapiekanka mexikanski.
  • Do you like premium sweets and chocolates? Then you need to check out Karmello 
  • Kompania Kuflowa pod Wawelem is a great place with polish food and with a view on Wawel Castle 
  • And if you just want to hang out with friends, the Main square is where to be. Always a marvel to take a walk around this magnificent area. With great restaurants to try out. I can recommend Chaczapuri restaurant and 77 sushi and The Magia a great place for studying while having a glass of hot chocolate.
  • Pierogarnia Krakowiacy: One of the best places to get pierogi. (typical polish dumplings). Highly recommended. 
  • Pankeik Krakow: Nice place to get some pancakes and chill with friends. Located in Dolnych Młynów.


Great things to know

  • Need to get a good and cheap haircut? Cheapest haircut is near AGH university dormitories in a building named as "PIAST". Address: Piastowska 47, 30-001 Krakow, Poland

  • If what you need is a wardrobe change or some light shopping, the gallerias have a lot of well-known clothing stores Zara, H&M, Reserved etc. in both GALLERIA KRAKOWSKA AND GALLERIA BRONOWICE

  • If you are coming to Krakow as an expat, there is a Facebook group which helps you a lot; second hand buying and selling, or just being part of the international community in Krakow, it’s called Krakow expats.


  • Krakow is a city that allows you to explore it by bike. I recommend to get yourself a bicycle as soon as you get here, maybe you won’t use it during winter, but the rest of the year will help you a lot, and in summer it’s great to have one. You can buy one, or even better, there are public bicycles that you can use, as long as you pay a monthly fee to use them. Go into and you can check for rates.

  • The best places to exchange money are located in Slawkowksa street. This is in old town, very good rates compared to other places.

  • Do you enjoy going to the movies? Krakow has something for you also. There are several cinemas in the city but the closet to you if you are staying on campus is in galleria Kazimerz 


Information for accepted students

For more practical and administrative questions about your first year. Please visit the InnoEnergy website page for accepted students with information for your specific programme guide.


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Abdul Salam, MSc Clean Fossil, Intake 2016


Yusuf Lawal, MSc Clean Fossil, Intake 2016

“This is just a short list of what you can get around the city. But Krakow has so much to offer as you will find out soon enough. Welcome to Krakow, the city I have come to fall in love with.”


John Briceno, MSc Clean Fossil, Intake 2016

“I hope this info can help! Krakow is a beautiful city that you will love. Best of luck during your stay!”