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IE CommUnity: A new CommUnity Engagement Manager

Blog Post created by CommUnity Post Partner on 17-Feb-2017

The Forum by InnoEnergy strives to have a significant and positive impact on the current transformation to sustainable energy solutions! But wait, what does that mean?

Through the collective power of individuals, we can contribute to this vision and help lower our greenhouse gas emissions. As an individual it is difficult to foster a change; therefore this CommUnity connects you with like-minded people who share the same values of energy sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration. Our vision is clear, but how do we do it?

We will get there step by step, and the CommUnity Engagement Manager's role is to support us in placing the right foot forward.


The whole CommUnity team from left to right, Jacob, Rob, Claudio, Falko


Falko Döring will fill this role - a position tailor-made for him, as his passion is to connect people, business and opportunities for a purpose. As a graduate from the ENTECH programme of the master school and with work experience in two InnoEnergy supported startups, he lives the InnoEnergy triangle intensely. His daily mantra is to live a sustainable life without jeopardising future generations. In order to nurture the connection between CommUnity members, he will facilitate the sharing of the values of entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable energy solutions by organising fantastic events that have a meaningful impact. His main objectives for 2017 are to foster more engagement among the members and to become the most impactful sustainable energy community. The strategy to get there includes four areas of focus:

  • Support local teams (The specified item was not found., The specified item was not found., The specified item was not found., The specified item was not found., The specified item was not found., The specified item was not found., The specified item was not found., The specified item was not found.) and functional teams (The specified item was not found., CommUnity Post)
  • InnoEnergy Talks
  • AlumniUnite 2017 (The CommUnity Days: Check out the great video from AlumniUnite 2016)
  • Sponsorship


In 2016, CommUnity representatives organised more than 60 events in Europe. Inspiring talks, challenge-solving activities, field trips and social events enabled each participant to be presented with new opportunities and engage in thought provoking discussion. The The specified item was not found. built up 14 meaningful relationships between mentors and mentees, with fruitful outcomes including guidance and jobs! The Community Post wrote 29 (+6) inspiring articles at an impressive growth rate. All together, there are only green lights ahead!


You can always contact Falko to get further involved in the CommUnity and to turn your ideas into reality! Be an active part of this movement: become a representative of our CommUnity, start a new team in a new location or even create one with a completely new passion - everything is possible within the CommUnity!

As we say at The CommUnity Days: #LetsUnite!


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Falko Döring