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My time at ESADE - Impressions by Federico Bertoldi, MSc SENSE Program Student,

Blog Post created by CommUnity Post Partner on 19-Oct-2016

“Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems”. If you are in engineering, sooner or later you will have had to encounter these kind of jokes, and passively admit that there is a genuine accuracy for such prejudices. After a month spent in the classrooms of the ESADE Business School, we have learned the gap between the magic world of science and engineering and the foggy and sometimes suspicious world of business. Now the fog seems to have cleared out a little.


IMG_20160717_175020After an intense first year at KTH, the SENSE Master’s program offers a compulsory summer school at ESADE in Barcelona. The change between Stockholm and Barcelona is remarkable. Both cities are spectacular in their own way, but Barcelona definitely outscores the rival when it comes to the summer-party mood. The city is very summer-oriented and offers a lot of different activities in this period of the year to enjoy when classes are over. There are lots of cultural events, parties every day of the week and, generally speaking, just by hanging out for a beer, you can notice the warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes Spain known all around the globe.


DSC_0762The schedule at ESADE is packed. Lectures every day, readings to prepare and an entrepreneurial project to be carried out along the four weeks. ESADE is known to be among the finest universities for business in Europe and the summer school is no exception. The professors give lectures on very interesting cases of big and small companies, trying to highlight the strength points of a successful market strategy or explaining where and why the company failed. The classes are very interactive and require constant participation from us students. During the four weeks we are asked to work on a project that merges all the knowledge we are given. The aim is to lead the creation of a startup, from its ideation to the first pitch with potential business angels, namely entrepreneurs who want to invest in your company, sharing the stake. It is not just a written paper; interviews have to be performed in front of potential key partners and experts in the field, and a customer-based approach is required in order to follow a market-oriented pull. Then, a financial plan has to be implemented, taking in consideration possible scenarios the company may face in terms of sale forecast and costs. The whole process is closely overlooked by a mentor who carefully gives a determinant guidance.


IMG_20160628_185714The summer school also represented the crossroads of our academic careers for us SENSE students. After one year spent together, taking courses at KTH and in the InnoEnergy activities in Frankfurt, Barcelona, Krakow and Grenoble, what remains are all the shared moment we had. The dinners, the parties, hanging out for a beer, the barbeques… but also the nights spent on the projects and preparing the exams. Next year we will split up to go to different universities: UPC in Barcelona, KU in Leuven, INPG in Grenoble and TUe in Eindhoven. We will meet again for the joint activities, like the AlumniUNITE and the MEET event, and of course at our graduation. Then, the commUNITY network will do the rest. Wherever we will be, whatever we will become, we will always be able to rely on those colleagues who shared the happy and tough moments with us.


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