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InnoEnergy would like to collect information for the creation of a blended micromaster programme in battery storage. As with all education activities in InnoEnergy it will only cover the technical part, but also emphasise the innovation aspects and the business impact.   Please vote the idea up if this seems like an interesting topic.    The…
Share online courses, MOOCs, or any online learning links that have helped you or brought benefit to your career. 
About this SpecialisationFlexible and based on real-life scenarios, this course (starts in October, 2017) gives you the skills and knowledge you need to implement effective energy-saving strategies across all your buildings and premises. Buildings of all ages and all sizes are some of the largest energy consumers in Europe. They account for 40 per…
Shape the future of energy and your career with The PV Game online course.  Do you fully understand the potential of PV to shape the future of energy? Explore the technical challenges and commercial possibilities with The PV Game massive open online course. Gain unparalleled insight from industry leaders and expand your professional options. Find… (Show more)
Discover solar photovoltaics: technology, markets, future challenges and business models. Sign up today!    Photovoltaic (PV) will have a long term impact on our energy system as a whole, introducing new technical challenges, transforming traditional business models and, last but not least, empowering the final customer. Through a… (Show more)
Discover solar photovoltaics:Technology, markets, future challenges and business models Practice decision-making in realistic business case scenarios. The learning-by-doing approach enables an accelerated development of your business acumen in photovoltaics as well as equipping you with the key technical expertise necessary.   Learn more about how…
I recommend this MOOC by IFP School. It is about to start next week and it is free. Last year I attended one similar course from IFP and TOTAL together, and in the end (after finishing the exercises) you can get a digital certificate and a link to post it on Linkedin, s i guess it should be the same for this one also.… (Show more)
Learn how to use the patent system to effectively protect your innovations around the world.    A course for everybody involved in research, product development and innovation. This part of our trilogy on ‘Competitive Intelligence and Effective Exploitation of Patents’ teaches students how to use the patent system to effectively protect your…
  Assess the technologies and politics of renewable energy sources A blended-learning professional development course for individuals from the energy sector or related fields. This course will familiarise students with various sources of renewable energy, and help them assess renewable sources from a scientific, technical and physical…
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