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Blog Post created by InnoEnergy CommUnity Partner on 28-Feb-2018


Entrepreneur Series - Philipp Hollberg

We spoke to Philipp Hollberg, co-founder and managing director of startup ‘CAALA’ and graduate of EIT InnoEnergy’s SELECT Master’s programme, to get an honest insight into the current startup environment.

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Energy Union Summer School Experience

A first hand account of the Energy Union Summer Course, which focused on highlighting the challenges and vision for a common European Union energy policy.

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Sustainability by Education - First Successful Workshop

Learn more about the first successful Sustainability by Education workshop, aiming to bridge the gap between sustainability professionals and future generations in order to enhance and spread the concept of sustainability.

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The Sustainable Energy for All Forum - Lisbon

Dignitaries, company executives, and representatives from global organisations such as the International Energy Administration (IEA), World Health Organization (WHO), World Bank Group, and United Nations (UN) converged to discuss, plan, and execute initiatives toward Sustainable Development Goal 7.

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Microgrids and blockchain technology- transforming our energy future

Can we modernise our electricity network by combining microgrids with blockchain technology? Learn more about how blockchain can play a key role in establishing an efficient, real-time communication strategy between the electricity market and physical grid for a more decentralised and digitised approach.

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The CommUnity Days 2018




The CommUnity Days 2018 - What to Expect?

We are happy to announce that registration for annual flagship event of our CommUnity is now open, and we’d love for you to join us. Don't miss the opportunity to (re)connect with like-minded CommUnity members.

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What's your Ecological Footprint?

Calculate your ecological footprint and contribute data to influence the keynote speech at The CommUnity Days 2018.

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Examples of companies with interesting “digital” applications in energy?


Anyone aware of a quick, easy to use web-tool that can estimate a household's energy consumption?


What content themes would you like being covered at the CommUnity Days 2018?

Do you know any crowdfunding platforms or projects for renewable energy? 


How would it be possible to engage residential customer for DR services?


Where to find regulations and contractual terms for energy storage and balancing/ancillary services?









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