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Blog Post created by InnoEnergy CommUnity Partner on 28-Feb-2018

State of innovation: 9 key learnings

After having attended the conference Innov8rs for corporate innovators and intrapreneurs, CommUnity Officer Claudio Geyken share his insights about innovation. 

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The CommUnity Days 2018 - What to expect?

We are happy to announce that registration for annual flagship event of our CommUnity is now open, and we’d love for you to join us. Don't miss the opportunity to (re)connect with like-minded CommUnity members.

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Seeding Impact goes MAD to Uganda

During the last Seeding Impact event, MAD Entrepreneur Samuel Malinga brought a key challenge he is facing to be able to scale the access to Clean Water and Sanitation in Uganda.

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Sustainability Supplement: The European Renaissance of Nuclear Energy

After years of being pushed to the sideline of electricity generation, with the industry having suffered from decline and stagnation, nuclear energy might be on the verge of delivering on the promises made since its first introduction in the 50’s.

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Energy Storage Policy: Stimulation or Obstacle?
On 26 April, the Stockholm CommUnity organized a panel discussion linked to the “Energy Policy” initiative on the theme of battery storage regulations. Read the entire event summary...

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How would it be possible to engage residential customer for DR services?


Where to find regulations and contractual terms for energy storage and balancing/ancillary services?




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