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About the Mentoring Programme




Within the InnoEnergy CommUnity, there is a need to create stronger bonds between members with successful careers in the energy fields, and those who are just starting out. One way to strengthen these bonds is through communication and support between experienced community members and those just finishing their education and starting their careers. This support can include: career and business advice, exchanging of stories and experiences, or even teaching non-tacit skills, such as communication and strategy.


How it works


The Mentoring Program is a 1 to 1 interaction between a mentee and mentor, where the mentor provides the mentee with supportive guidance and the mentee can have optional, personal goals that they want to achieve during the interaction.



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Questions or concerns, please contact us at


Please note: You must be a full member of the InnoEnergy Community to take part in the Mentoring Programme. Contact the team above with any questions