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Blog Post created by CommUnity by InnoEnergy Partner on 20-Sep-2017

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Business idea for object rental to increase sustainability

During the last day at AlumniUnite we started a co-creation session to understand if and how a renting platform could be implemented.

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Smart Grid or Smart Consumer? Blockchain, trust, user engagement and crypto kyttens.

In this post and in the future ones, we'll start focusing less on blockchain technology itself and more on its consequences and implications in the energy transition

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CommUnity Award Winners 2017

 2017 CommUnity Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 CommUnity Award Winners Davide Garufi and Jacopo Sala! Your contributions to the CommUnity are greatly appreciated.

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The CommUnity by InnoEnergy is made up of like-minded members with diverse cultures and backgrounds from around the world. We are united in sharing the same vision and values of leveraging entrepreneurship and innovation to create an impact in the sustainable energy field.

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lithium mining in Bolivia

 Lithium and Bolivia’s fragile salt flats

The question therefore remains to be answered - how sustainable are what we are doing? Are we thinking based on Life Cycle Perspective?

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CommUnity Benelux Participates in the Climathon Brussels

The CommUnity Benelux Participates in the Climathon Brussels

CommUnity Benelux participates in the Climate-KIC Climathon Brussels 2017, “Improving energy performance in Brussels’ buildings through an active involvement of its citizens." 

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