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Blog Post created by InnoEnergy CommUnity Partner on 19-Sep-2017

A great variety of activities


The CommUnity activities are comprised of local events, annual events, programmes and the platform. They are driven by a powerful bottom up movement of passionate volunteering members who believe in the CommUnity’s mission.




Events are distributed across Europe, together with one flagship annual event. These include talks by inspiring senior professionals or entrepreneurs, case solving exercises, trainings, debates, field trips, social events and more. The flagship AlumniUnite is the culmination of the CommUnity calendar, bringing together 300 participants and forging powerful synergies.


Check the CommUnity events or add yours here.




The Mentoring Programme enables the nurturing of one-on-one interactions between experienced mentors and budding mentees.


The Career Centre links the talent pool of CommUnity members to potential employers.


The current affairs and achievements of the CommUnity are broadcasted through the work of the CommUnity Post, a group that acts as the bottom-up accelerator of CommUnity-related content and is its voice to the outside world. Content is published online through social media and the dedicated CommUnity platform, together with a quarterly magazine.


Innovation Challenges (like done for Iberdrola) can be solved on the platform.




The captivating and all-encompassing online CommUnity platform unites the entire array of CommUnity activities into one space, while simultaneously adding sectorial discussions, blog posts and other forms of high-level content.  What’s more is a detailed members directory and dedicated career centre that provides access to the deep pool of CommUnity talent. All in all, the platform is the binding force that brings the entire CommUnity together, bridging both geographical and temporal divides. Register here.


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